What Should Be Paid Attention to After a Thyroid Resection Surgery

What Should Be Paid Attention to After a Thyroid Resection SurgeryNotice, the following are you should pay attention to after a thyroid resection surgery

  • Avoid eating seafood,
  • To have non iodized salt as far as possible.
  • Must take Euthyrox, which provide the deficiency of levothyroxine sodium causes by the removal surgery, two types
    1. If most of the thyroid gland is removed, you should take Euthyrox for life, and shoud have a high intake in the first five years, because you should control the TSH indicator levell in the half of normal, and you should go to the hospital to check your thyroid function every 1-2 months, and let your doctor adjust the intake according to your check result, and after five years, the TSH, FT4, FT3 will be control in normal levels, so that thyroid cancer recurrence can be inhibited. Remember, it is very important, TSH should be lower than normal.
    2. If only one side of the thyroid gland is removed, the treatment and examination in the first five years are same, and after five years, you needn’t to take Euthyrox any more.

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