What are the side effects of removing your thyroid?

What are the side effects of thyroid removal?

The thyroid gland is a very important endocrine gland located just in front of the trachea, it majorly controls the metabolic functions in the body. This metabolic function has to do with how energy is released and consumed in the body. The gland absorbs the iodine in food substances and converts it to thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These are the primary hormones it uses to control the body’s metabolic activities.

However, this very important gland in the body may end up being surgically removed. There are a couple of factors or reasons to remove one’s thyroid gland, these reasons include; thyroid cancer, goiter, Hashimoto’s disease, etc. Removing the thyroid gland has been observed to have a number of side effects.

Patients who had their thyroid glands surgically removed end up living the rest of their lives with certain side effects which sometimes depend on the individual. They are also placed on one or more hormonal medications like synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothyroxine, Armour, etc. the side effects can be both psychological and physiological, some of which include:

It’s been observed that people, who once lived happily before the surgery, end up struggling with depression and anger. It isn’t clear as to what may be the exact cause of this. Some attribute it to the nature of the medication, or an imbalance in the hormonal levels within the body. It is also observed that after the thyroid gland has been removed, the chemical production in the brain is altered. Therefore, this psychological effect may be due to one or more factors, and is seen to drastically affect the quality of life, the mental and emotional health negatively.

Weight Gain
One of the functions of the thyroid gland is managing the energy production and consumption in the body. It’s been observed that some patients experience a rapid weight gain after the surgery. And it sometimes comes with some joint pains; your bones appear to become suddenly too heavy to carry. Patients are usually required to consume a relatively large amount of vitamin D regularly.

Reduced Libido and Other Problems
The sex drive is seen to die completely. This can have a very bad effect on your relationship. Some very thriving relationships have hit the rock due to this.Lack of EnergyThe patients begin to experience weakness, and become less as energetic as they used to be. Some begin to experience an unusually high amount of sleeping time. This could also lead to inactivity, drowsiness and frustration.

Constipation Thyroxine and triiodo thyronine both play very important roles in digestion. They also affect the rate at which digestion occurs. A hormonal imbalance developed due to the removal of the thyroid gland has been observed to cause constipation due to irregular bowel movement.There some other issues that may be attributed to be one of the side effects of removing the thyroid gland, some of which include: Infertility in males, hair and nails become brittle, tremendous muscle pain, sometimes you become unnecessarily tired and weak, you have problems with thinking and problem solving, etc.

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