What Are the Examination Items of Simple Goiter?

TSH, T3, T4 detection in serum

The levels of TSH, T3 and T4 in serum are normal in patients with simple goiter.


Uptake rate of iodine 131

Uptake rate of iodine 131 is normal or increased.


TPOAb and TgAb in Serum

TPOAb and TgAb in Serum are generally negative.


Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB)

For essence of nodulars with low echo and calcified diameter equal or greater than 1mm which show by a b-mode ultrasound, fine needle aspiration biopsy is the most effective method to evaluate if the thyroid nodules are malignant or not.


Neck x-ray examination

For those patients who have long term history or whose thyroid gland is enlargement obviously or have symptoms of respiratory tract obstruction, should take a trachea x-ray examination, in order to know if there is tracheal displacement or tracheal softening, and can determine the location and size of the substernal goiter.


Neck b-mode ultrasound examination

Neck b-mode ultrasound examination is a convenient and reliable method to diagnose goiter, it can detect the small nodules from 2 to 4mm which cannot detect by physical examination.

The incidence rate of thyroid nodules in adults is 4% to 7% by physical examination, while the b-mode ultrasound examination showed that nearly 70% of adults have thyroid nodules.


Radionuclide imaging

Radionuclide imaging can evaluate the function of thyroid morphology and thyroid nodules. Diffuse goiter can increase the volume of thyroid gland, and its radiation distribution is uniform. Nodular goiter can be seen with hot nodules or cold nodules.


Neck CT and MRI

Neck CT and MRI does not provide more information than b-mode ultrasound and they are expensive, but they have a high diagnostic value for the substernal goiter.


Respiratory function test

Patients with huge goiter or substernal goiter should take the pulmonary function test in order to evaluate the function of trachea pressure.

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