Surgery “Conquers” Thyroid Cancer, 10-year Survival Rate is More 90%

“2014 Beijing Residents Cancer Incidence Report” shows that from 2000 to 2010, the incidence of thyroid cancer increased by 223.75%, ranked first in all types of cancer incidence. What method is the most effective treatment for thyroid cancer? Thyroid disease experts answer the relevant questions, thyroid cancer is not sensitive to chemotherapy,
and the surgery is not only the best, but also the most effective treatment.

The survival rate is very high after treatment for thyroid cancer.

There are 4 different types of thyroid cancer, the most common type is papillary adenocarcinoma, and the last three types are follicular thyroid cancer, medullary thyroid cancer and anaplastic thyroid cancer. The incidence of papillary adenocarcinoma is increasing, it is now about 90% of the entire thyroid cancer, in normal conditions, what we talk about thyroid cancer refers to papillary adenocarcinoma. After treatment, papillary adenocarcinoma patients has at least ten years of survival, general twenty-year survival rate can reach 90%.

Surgery Conquers Thyroid Cancer, 10-year Survival Rate is More 90Tumor whose size is less than 5mm can also be observed, not necessarily take surgery immediate.

Surgery is the best treatment, but not all patients must be treated immediately. More than a decade ago, Finland had investigated the death of car accidents, and found that about 36% of people have thyroid cancer, and they died in car accidents, that is, cancer did not affect their daily life. According to South Korean reports, thyroid cancer rate of women is about 0.11%. but a considerable part of tumors are in a lifetime of sleep and won’t to develop into cancer.

So the thyroid cancer patients do not necessarily have surgery, combined with the concept and research results, tumors below 5mm can also be observed. Because it is not known whether it will develop into cancer, close observation is very important.

Standardized surgery can reduce the recurrence rate

Standardized surgery is very important, because the majority of the nonstandard surgeries may cause recurrence, if recurrence, patients have to take a surgery again, the risk of complications will geometric increase.

In addition, to evaluate the efficacy of a surgery, the first standard is the initial cure rate, and the second is the patients’ life quality. Only both are high, it can be referred to as high quality surgery.

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