How Should Men Improve Sexual Ability After 50?

Both men and women cannot escape the problem of aging, including sexual organs and sexual function. What should men do after 50 improve sexual ability?

The habit of maintaining good sexual ability

1, Reasonable arrangements for sex life

People should respect every sexual demand, make a reasonable sexual life arrangement, improve the quality of sexual life, so that it can activate the central nervous system, enhance endocrine function, and thus promote the secretion of sex hormones, which has a certain effect on maintaining male sexual function.


2, Take a bath with warm water before going to bed

Washing with warm water before going to bed does not only help people to eliminate fatigue and improve sleep quality, but also help people to promote the healthy operation of the blood system, in order to ensure the blood supply of the testicles, so this can also improve the sexual function of men to some extent.


3, Moderate aerobic exercise

Moderate amount aerobic exercises, such as running, swimming and walking, are very good for human health, meanwhile, aerobic exercises promote the body’s cardiopulmonary function, thereby improving sexual function,


4, Emotional control

Emotion has an important influence on the regulation of human nerves. This has a significant impact on effectively stimulating one’s own sexual desires in order to maintain a regular and high-quality sexual life.


5 habits easily weaken sexual ability

1, Having too may sex lives in youth

Sexual love is a “heavy physical activity”. Sexual activities tend to bring fatigue to men. It is necessary to rest and recover properly. If the frequency is too high, continuous sexual life may prolong the male refractory period, that is, the sexual stimulation becomes dull and induced. Sexual ejaculation time is slow, sexual life has no pleasure and other sexual function problems.


2, Extramarital sex

Researchers of the Public Health Institute of Harvard University have found that sexual behaviors such as one-night stand and extramarital affairs increase the psychological stress of men, make heart rate faster and higher blood pressure, and more prone to premature ejaculation as well.


3, Smoking and drinking

Alcohol will slow down the production of androgen, chronic alcoholism may also cause nutritional deficiencies, causing gonadotropin disorders, clinical manifestations of loss of libido. The toxins in the smoke also inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction.


4, Living in a noisy environment for a relatively long time

British reproductive health experts have found that men have long lived in an environment with a noise level of 70-80 decibels (the volume is about noisy streets or shopping malls), sexual function will tend to weaken; living in a high-noise environment above 90 decibels, sexual function Disorders can occur; higher noise can result in inability to ejaculate.


5, Love to sit on soft sofas

Sitting on soft sofas for a long time will cause serious damage to the male scrotum, which will cause the scrotum to be compressed, hinder the blood flow, and affect the male erectile capacity.

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