Do You Have Foreign Body Sensation in Your Throat? 5 Early Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

Both men and women might get esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer affects people’s diets, especially when eating thick and hard foods, people’s esophagus will feel discomfort, or feel swallowing difficulties, but esophageal cancer may be temporarily relieved by simple treatment, besides, many patients with esophageal cancer have milder symptoms, so most patients do not pay much attention to it, leading to more serious illness, so it is necessary to understand the early symptoms of esophageal cancer and timely treatment.

5 major symptoms of early esophageal cancer

1. The chest feels stuffy and painful

After getting esophageal cancer, there will be pain in the chest, and after eating, especially after eating quickly, the chest will be flustered,  causing esophageal peristalsis and symptoms when peristaltic to the lesion.

2. It is very difficult to swallow food

Patients with esophageal cancer usually feel difficult to swallow food, even if they are having porridge. They feel that they can’t eat, and the food is stagnant in the esophagus. This symptom becomes more serious as the disease progresses .

3. Have foreign body sensation when swallowing

In the process of swallowing food, especially dry and hard food, it might cause foreign body sensation in the esophagus when food passes through the esophageal lesion .

4. The chest appears tight and depressed

Patients with esophageal cancer will have chest swelling and have a feeling of depression and contraction, and often feel that the throat is dry, as if the chest is suffocating, and this symptom will become more and more serious as the condition worsens.

5. Feelings of fullness in the heart and upper abdomen

It is very likely that there will be pain in the heart after getting esophageal cancer, and it will cause pain in the upper abdomen. It is obvious when eating hard and dry food, so early intervention is needed.


The above are some major symptoms of early esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer is a serious disease that harms the human body. Many people who don’t have an regular diet and like eating hard food are more likely to get esophageal cancer, so you must establish a healthy lifestyle, eat regularly, pay attention to work and rest time, and do exercise daily, you can prevent the occurrence of esophageal cancer to a large extent. If you have early symptoms of esophageal cancer, you’d better to see with a doctor at soon as possible.

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