Common Misunderstandings in the Treatment of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer accounts for a large proportion of women’s cancer, which is a great harm to women’s physical and mental health. But a lot of people have some misunderstanding in the treatment of thyroid cancer, for example thinking that it won’t recrudesce after treatment. So what do you know about the misunderstandings in the treatment of thyroid cancer.

Misunderstanding 1: It is safer to receive chemotherapy for more than a few times.

Cancer is a kind of disease with abnormal cell proliferation and differentiation, the chemotherapeutics has cytotoxic and can promote differentiation, so it can kill cancer cells, so as to cure cancer.

Common Misunderstandings in the Treatment of Thyroid CancerBut chemotherapy is a double-edged sword, when it achieves efficacy, it brings serious adverse reactions in the same time, and causes damage to the human body. Chemotherapy can inhibit human body’s immune function, which helps the growth of cancer cells instead, and multiple chemotherapy may increase the resistance of cancer cells, reduce the effect of chemotherapy, usually the treatment effect is very poor after 6 times.

Just for these reasons, chemotherapy has a rigorous process and the prescribed dose. Patients should not pin their full hope on the amazing effect of chemotherapy and try to increase the times of chemotherapy without authorization.

Such as breast cancer surgery, in the general situation, chemotherapy achieves the purpose after 6 times, if patients take over-course treatment, their 5-year survival rate won’t not improve and the life quality will decrease significantly. Even some patients with poor physical health appear the circumstance like “gets chemotherapy in the same time gets diffusion and transfer”.

Therefore, It is NOT safer to receive chemotherapy for more than a few times. We should use the chemotherapy scientifically and appropriately, cooperate with the medicines which reduce toxicity.

Misunderstanding 2: Surgical get rid of all cancer cells.

In fact, the location and type of tumor growth and patients’ physical condition affects the implementation of the surgery. In addition, even if the early cancer patients take a “radical surgery”, because the tumor is a systemic disease, as a topical treatment, surgery has its limitations:

  1. The old and the weak may not tolerate the surgical trauma.
  2. There may have residual cancer cells after the surgery, sometimes it is possible to plant and spread the cancer cells due to a improper surgery.
  3. The surgery has a certain contraindication, so not every patient can be operated.
  4. Each patient in a surgery must undergo processes like anesthesia, surgical resection, tumor removal and so on, which is bound to bring a certain risk and may cause the patient to a life-threatening.
  5. The surgery is a local treatment, it cannot prevent tumor metastasis. Recurrent subclinical lesions caused by operation sometimes cannot be completely removed the tumor near the post.

The above contents are about the common misunderstands in the treatment of thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer is usually treated by the surgery, patients should take an optimistic attitude with the doctor, take appropriate prevention measures after the surgery to prevent recurrence and metastasis.

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