Can Thyroid Nodules Be Self-healing?

Thyroid nodules are common, many patients believe that this disease is not very serious and can be self-healing without treatment, is this argument correct?

In fact, thyroid nodules are curable disease but not self-healthing disease, indulgence can lead to the aggravation of the condition.

Thyroid nodules divide into benign nodules and malignant nodules, most of the thyroid nodules are benign, malignant nodules are less than one percent of all thyroid nodules. So patients need not to worry too much about if the nodules will develop into thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules can be cured with a targeted treatment. But if patients do not take the treatment, the thyroid nodules won’t be self-cured, even if benign thyroid nodules may appear malignant lesions without treatment, so it is very important for thyroid nodules patients to go to the hospital for treatment timely.

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