Can Exercise Really Improve Sexual Function?

Most men are concerned about their sexual function which seriously affects their sexual life. And because of various reasons in daily life, it leads to affecting sexual function. Which ways are helpful to improve sexual function? Can exercise really improve sexual function?

Exercise is helpful to avoid cardiovascular disease and sexual dysfunction, in fact, based on the same principle – this is related to whether there is enough blood flow to the organ needed, and exercise can keep the blood vessels clear. In fact, sexual dysfunction can be regarded as the early warning of vascular disease, because the blood in the body cannot be unblocked, the reaction of the penis erection is more obvious.

After entering middle age, many men’s work and family get quite stable, easy to indulge in ease, and gradually lose their interest in sports, or think that only those who have headaches, brain heat, backache and leg pain need exercise, they don’t know regular exercise is closely related to the strength of sexual ability.

There are many types of sports that contribute to “Aphrodisiac”, running, walking, swimming, and fitness are all good. The only “wrong” exercise is cycling – it increases the chance of sexual dysfunction.

It can be seen that more exercise can prevent sexual dysfunction, so those who are plagued by sexual dysfunction must take some time to exercise, and exercise can prevent sexual dysfunction.

Can Exercise Really Improve Sexual Function?

Can exercise improve sexual function?

1, Principles of upper body exercise: the more powerful the upper limbs are, the longer the sex lasts.

Do push-ups on a balance ball to exercise shoulders, chest, especially suitable for men who are used to male uppers. Put your feet on the balance ball, the arms are shoulder-width apart, and the palms are on the ground. When the upper limbs are weak, try to maintain balance as long as possible.

Squat on your back. If you want to try a sexual position that requires a high degree of flexibility, you should practice this method to strengthen the lower back and lower abdomen. Sit on your back, bend your legs, hold your legs with your hands, and try to touch your chest with your knees. Hold at least 30 seconds at a time, the more the number, the better.

2, Principles of of lower limbs exercise: to strengthen the power of legs and buttocks, and expand the range of exercise in sex.

In sex, if a man adopts a kneeling position, when the woman is lying on her back and raising her hips, the power of man’s lower back and legs is very demanding. Strengthen this type of exercise, you can kneel on the cushion, the upper body is upright, try to lean back, keep it for two or three seconds.

Pressed down the front leg. Sometimes, the husband stands by the bed and let his wife lie down and enjoy sex. Practice this action to enhance the corresponding sexual experience. Take a step forward with your left leg, bend your knees, and press down until the back of the thigh is fully extended. After 30 seconds, change one leg.

3, Principles of endurance exercise: to enhance the muscle strength of the whole body and prolong the sex time.

Sit back and raise your hips. Men who love girl on top must practice more. Sit on your back, bend your legs, touch your feet, lift your hips as much as possible, tighten your abdominal muscles, and keep your upper body straight.

Pushing forward on the prone suitables for husbands who like men on top. The arms are shoulder-width apart, and the hands are supported on the ground, slowly moving the body forward. One after the other is a group.

4, Principles of flexibility exercise: to enhance the flexibility of body, in the sense of physical strength, you can gain ideal feelings throw “borrow” a slight loss.

How to adjust sexual function decline

First of all, it should be changed in daily life. When people reach the age of forty or fifty, try to adjust their work and rest, balance work and family, work and rest, avoid working hard all day, busy with entertainment, day and night. As physical strength declines, work content and dietary structure should be adjusted to maintain a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

In terms of sexual life, it is necessary to communicate more emotions with his wife. In addition to paying attention to children and the elderly, it is necessary to maintain the feelings between husband and wife. Only when each other’s feelings are good, sexual life can be carried out more harmoniously. Male hormones will naturally increase, and normal high-quality sex life can be carried out without resorting to external supplies.

Secondly, if there is impotence, decreased sexual desire, or decreased sexual function caused by disease, it is necessary to adjust for different symptoms. For example, if you gain weight, you will lose weight and exercise. If you have back pain, you can eat some kidney and impotence food for three months. Improvement can be considered in the formal treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

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