4 Major Misunderstandings of Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise is effective in weight loss, but you should also pay attention to avoid four major mistakes people often make.

  • Misunderstanding 1: More exercise causes more weight loss

Although exercise can consume calories in one’s body, it is not obvious if you depend on exercise only. Studies have shown that even if you play tennis or golf for hours every day, the results of you exercise will be lost easily when you drink a can or have a piece of cake more than usual. Sometimes people do too much exercise and they end up overeating as a result, that’s definitely wrong. Therefore, in order to obtain a long-lasting weight loss effect, in addition to engaging in exercise, you should also make reasonable adjustments to your diet.

A study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) shows that about 150 to 250 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week is likely to produce modest weight loss, that’s roughly 22 to 35 minutes of exercise per day.

  • Misunderstanding 2: Exercise on an empty stomach is detrimental to health

People are always worried that exercise on an empty stomach might cause hypoglycemia due to the large consumption of glycogen stored in the body, such as dizziness, fatigue, palpitation, etc., which is not good for health. Research suggests that moderate exercise at about 1 to 2 hours before meals (empty stomach), such as quantitative walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc., can help you lose weight. This is because no new fatty acids enter the fat cells at this time, and it is easy to consume excess fat, especially the brown one which generates energy, and the weight loss effect is better than the postprandial exercise. In addition, due to the appropriate amount of exercise, the heat energy consumption is small, and the storage in the body is sufficient for use without affecting health.

  • Misunderstanding 3: It is easy to lose weight if you stick to 30 minutes jogging daily

Although jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, but its effect of weight loss is minimal. Practice has shown that only when the exercise lasts for more than 40 minutes, the body’s fat can be mobilized to supply energy together with glycogen. As exercise time increases, the amount of fat supply can reach 85.5% of the total consumption. So, the fat consumption is not obvious with any exercise lasting less than 40 minutes, regardless of the intensity of you exercise.


  • Misunderstanding 4: The more intense exercise is, the better effect weight loss is

In fact, only long-lasting but low-intensity aerobic exercise can make people consume excess fat efficiently. This result is due to the fact that during small-intensity exercise, the muscles mainly use oxidized fatty acids to gain energy, so that the fat is consumed quickly. As exercise intensity increases, the proportion of fat consumption decreases accordingly, when it is close to high-intensity exercise, the fat supply rate is only 15.5%.

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