Why You Got Thyroid Nodules?

So you have been diagnosed as having a problem with your thyroid and you want to know why you got thyroid nodules. Most diagnosis will indicate either an over active or underactive thyroid. A nodule that arises within the gland often has an unknown cause and can either be cancerous or non cancerous. Whenever you find, or know of, a lump or growth in your body it is understandable that you may feel anxious, worried and stressed.

The underactive thyroid is the most common problem and is technically referred to as Hypothyroidism. Either way, problems in this area can pose a health risk to you and create other health issues such as weight gain or weight loss as well. Risk factors for problems such as these can be increased due to your age and past family history.

If you have found out that you have a growth and you are wondering why you got thyroid nodules, it may have come as a shock to you due to the fact that there may have been no symptoms beforehand. It may have been found or suspected during a simple routine check up with your doctor. It is important not to panic and think the worst and have some further tests done before jumping to any conclusions.

For larger thyroid nodules, there may have been some noticeable symptoms before it was identified. Large masses have the potential to push against other areas of your neck and this may have led to the realization that you are having difficulty breathing or swallowing. This is why it is always a sensible idea to go and get a check up from your doctor if things just don’t seem to be right, or if you feel a little different than you usually would.

If your health practitioner has identified a thyroid nodule, they may choose to do a biopsy, commonly known as a fine-needle aspiration, or they may send you for a specific scan or ultrasound. There is also a thyroid hormone test that can be used to measure hormones to see if functionally, the thyroid is currently working, as it should. The fine-needle aspiration is not too invasive as the needle used is very fine and will be used to withdraw cells to be examined with a microscope. The thyroid scan involves the use of nuclear medicine, with the ultrasound using sound waves to take images of the thyroid. An ultrasound will be able to identify the difference between a nodule that is a cyst filled with fluid or if it is a mass of tissue that is solid.

You will need to undergo one of these tests in order to determine the type of thyroid nodule that you have. Hopefully the thyroid nodule is found to be noncancerous and you can move forward with basic treatment from your health care practitioner. If it is found to be cancerous however, surgery is often needed and in this instance, part of your thyroid gland may actually need to be removed. This is of course the worst-case scenario and not all nodules that are found turn out to be cancerous.

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