The Different Thyroid Nodules Symptoms That You Should Know

The Different Thyroid Nodules Symptoms That You Should KnowThyroid nodules are the solid or fluid filled lumps formed within your thyroid glands which are located at the base of the neck and above your breastbone. These are also known as any abnormal growths that are formed in lumps in the thyroid glands. Majority of the thyroid nodules might not be serious and it does cause any significant amount of symptoms as thyroid cancer accounts for just a small percentage of the thyroid nodules. Since these thyroid nodules are small in size, it is not visible and discovering these nodules is only possible after the routine medical examination or tests performed by the doctor. But there are some thyroid nodules that are large in size and it is visible but the presence of these nodules makes it difficult to breathe or swallow. These thyroid nodules can occur in any part of the thyroid glands which can be felt easily but others nodules are hidden deep inside the thyroid tissues and it is also located very low in glands making it difficult to breathe. Thyroid nodules symptoms become prevalent when these nodules are large in size and it can cause a large number of health issues.

Thyroid nodules symptoms are not prominent in majority of the cases as these are very small in size, making it difficult to feel these nodules. But you can find these small sized nodules after test or physical examination like ultrasound and CT scan. Even though thyroid nodules does not cause any symptoms or signs, some symptoms are experienced when the nodules becomes large in size. These symptoms include swelling at the base of the neck which makes it visible abs press on the esophagus or windpipe causing difficulty swallowing or shortness of breath. There are other symptoms of thyroid nodules which includes irregular or rapid heartbeat, tremors, intolerance to heat and unexplained weight loss. Thyroid nodules also produce additional thyroxine in some cases which is a hormone that is secreted by the thyroid glands causing symptoms like hyperthyroidism. There are some thyroid nodules that are malignant or cancerous as these are small in size but slow growing but aggressive thyroid cancers are very rare as these are fixed, firm, large and rapid growing.

There are other thyroid nodules symptoms that are visible when the thyroid nodules are big as you can feel the nodules and the presence of the nodules may make your neck swollen. The symptoms includes feeling of fullness in your throat or pain in the throat, hard time breathing, hard time swallowing, feeling of nervousness, too much sweating and faster heartbeat. The pain on the exact location of the nodules can also travel to your jaw or ear causing a lot of difficulties. There are instances when you might face difficulty in speaking or hoarseness of voice because of the compression of larynx or voice box. After finding out the symptoms of thyroid nodules, you should opt for the best course of treatment for getting rid of this condition in the most effective manner.

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