Likely Causes of Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancar

At present, more and more people have suffered from the thyroid carcinoma. For those that are occurred or not occurred, we have to understand the causes of the thyroid carcinoma thereby achieving good prevention or postoperative prevention.

What cause the thyroid carcinoma? Normal cells develop in order in growth, division and death. This process is controlled by deoxyribose nucleic acid (DNA). When DNA is destroyed or altered, a sort of result is that the cells grow wildly but not die and form to tumors in the end.

Among thyroid carcinoma patients, occurrence of DNA destroy is mostly likely to be exposed to environmental pollutants such as radiation or natural aging. Therein medullary carcinoma is caused by genetic factors.

After a large number of studies in many years, there are two major factors recognized at present, namely internal factor and external factor. But the main cause is the internal factor.

  1. The internal factor means an acidic body habitus. Studies by scientists at home and abroad have revealed that long-term unreasonable dietary structure, life styles and working conditions and so on factors may cause the body excessively acidizing, whole body function declining resulting in deficiency of kidney energy, hepatorenal homology, deficiency of kidney energy then to the liver, thereby leading to the body’s metabolic cycle slowing, blood slow-moving, and then a large number of acidic wastes deposited in the body. When the body tissue fluid is acidized, the human tissue cells will be in a acidic body fluid thereby resulting in decreases of dissolved oxygen in tissue cells, decreases of cellular activities and metabolize cycle. When it reduces to 65% of the normal value, those normal cells are unable to survive, but some cells may take the initiative to mutate regardless of changing the chromosomes. When the cellular phenotype changes, the tumor characters will be able to express, so those cells are rapidly amplified thereby forming a real tumor entity.
  2. External factors mainly include the following categories:

a. Radioactive damages: X-ray irradiation to experimental mice’s thyroid could cause animals coming up with thyroid carcinoma. This study result has suggested that, on the one hand, it may change metabolism of thyrocytes, cause the nucleus deformation, and greatly reduce the synthesis of thyroxine. Visible radioactive rays may cause the abnormal division of thyrocytes and lead to canceration. On the other hand, thyroid destroy is unable to produce endocrine hormone thereby causing massive thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) secretion which will trigger the thyrocyte canceration. Clinically, many cases have explained that thyroid incidence is associated with radioactive ray effects. Particularly noticeable is that children who have received the superior mediastinum or neck radiotherapy during their infant period due to swelling thymus or lymph gland-like proliferation are especially suffering from thyroid carcinoma. This is because cell proliferation is vigorous in childhood and adolescence, the radioactive rays is a kind of additional stimulation that is easily triggering tumor formation. The opportunities of thyroid carcinoma occurred in adults are few after receiving neck radiotherapy.

b. Bothe excessive iodine and TSH iodine intake or iodine deficiency may change the structure and function of thyroid, for example, the incidence of thyroid carcinoma is % in the epidemic area of endemic goiter in Switzerland, which is high than that of non-epidemic area in Berlin. On the contrary, high iodine diet also induces thyroid carcinoma. Both Iceland and Japan are high iodine intake countries. Their incidences of thyroid carcinoma are high than other countries. This may be related to TSH stimulating thyroid proliferation. Study results suggest that long-term TSH stimulation may prompt thyroid proliferation, form nodules and canceration.

c. Other thyroid diseases: There are reports clinically shown that chronic thyroiditis, nodular goiter and some toxic goiter may have turned into thyroid carcinoma. However, the relationships between those thyroid diseases and the thyroid carcinoma are difficult to confirm. Taking thyroid adenoma as an example, a majority of thyroid adenoma is follicle type, only~% of papilloma. If thyroid carcinoma is turned from adenoma, most of them are follicle types. But actually, thyroid carcinoma more than half is papilloma. The incidence of canceration in thyroid adenoma is speculated very small.

d. Genetic factors: Approximately ~% of patient with medullary thyroid carcinoma have family history and usually combined with pheochromocytoma. It is speculated that the occurrence of this type of cancer may be associated with chromosome and genetic factors. Regardless of what kind of reason, other origins are supported by the overall situation that is the acidic body habitus. If the body fluid is alkalescent, the cancer cells won’t be generated in an alkalescent environment.

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