Dysfunction of Thyroid Gland Causes Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism


Symptoms of hyper active thyroid hormone is usually characterized with : heat intolerance, weight loss, nervousness, increased pulse pressure, excessive sweetening, softness of skin etc.Most patients with hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland is increased to two to three times of the normal size (goiter/ Hashimoto’s thyroidities) due to the over functioning of Thyroid hormone, mediated by some auto antibodies , mostly common in women (GRAVES disease).Most people with hyperthyroidism develop protruding eyeballs. This condition is called exophthalmos. This condition sometimes becomes so dreadful that the eyeball protrusion over stretches the optic nerves enough to cause harm in vision.


Myxodema in adult: Facial attributes include : drooping of under eye muscle, giving a drowsy appearance.Cretinism in young: This condition is characterized especially by failure of the overall body growth and development , escorted with mental retardation.Atherosclerosis: Lack of thyroid hormone augments the level of bloodCholesterol, this occurs due to altered fat and cholesterol metabolism and diminished liver excretion of cholesterol in the bile secretion. This increase in blood cholesterol is usually associated with increased occurrence of atherosclerosis.

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