Diet Treatment For The Simple Goiter

The simple goiter is a compensatory enlargement of the thyroid gland with euthyroidism, it causes by deficiency of iodine and goitrogen or related enzyme defects, usually does not accompany marked hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, so it is also known as non toxic goiter. It also does not accompany cancer and inflammation, and may develope as a multi nodular goiter later.

The simple goiter is common in young women, and has many causes to lead to similar results. If you get a simple goiter, you should pay attention to your daily diet

Diet Treatment For The Simple Goiter1. Heat: because the thyroid function hyperthyroidism will increase the body’s metabolic rate, so you should increase the required heat every day.

2. Protein: include the intake of protein, such as meat, eggs, milk, etc..

3. Vitamins: because of the increase in heat, so the demand for vitamin B should also be increased, you should have the following foods: beans, milk, poultries, lean meat, egg yolk, vegetables, livers, banana, etc..

4. Iodine: general daily demand: 120-165 micrograms for adult male, 100-115 for adult female, 110-125 micrograms for pregnant women. Food source: kelp, seafood, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, and iodized salt.

5. Avoid irritating foods, such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine.

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