Complications Following Thyroid Cancer Surgery

At present, surgical treatment is still the first choice for treatment of thyroid cancer, but according to clinical data, it is easy to cause complications. The expert has taken a series of preventive and nursing measures.

1. Recurrent nerve and nervi laryngeus superior injury are important complications of thyroid surgery. They mainly cause by the careless operation in the surgery, nerve compression of distraction or hematoma and direct contusion.

Preventive and nursing measures:

  • Be soft and careful in the surgery, strive to retain the integrity of the thyroid gland and the posterior membrane, let the ligation of upper blood vessel close to the gland as far as possible, and avoid drag blood vessels excessively.
  • After the surgery, evaluate the patient’s voice, ask some simple and short questions to the patient, and pay attention to the change of his (her) voice, don’t let the patient talk much.
  • Keep the patient’s respiratory tract unobstructed, observe the breathing frequency and if there is breathing difficulties, suffocation, etc. Place a stitches bag and a gas suction equipment and emergency medicines to avoid for emergency.
  • When the patient is drinking water, observe if there is a cough, assist the patient sit eating, ask the patient to eating slowly.

2. Postoperative bleeding is the most serious complication. It mainly causes by the incomplete or imperfect hemostasis and ligatures dropping off. Cough, vomiting, over frequency activity or conversation are also the cause of bleeding.

Preventive and nursing measures:

  • After surgery, let the patient take a semi recumbent position, observe the change of values of R P, BP, and if there is any dyspnea and suffocation.
  • Observe if the neck is increasing rapidly and the wound has errhysis.
  • Guide the patient to use the correct method of cough, take the corresponding treatment for vomit causes by different reasons, limit visit, let the patient communicate with gestures or writing to reduce the occurrence of bleeding.

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