How About the Survival Rate of Thyroid Cancer?

How the survival rate of thyroid cancer? Presumably this is the most concerned topic of all patients with thyroid cancer and their families. But the specific time can not be determined, which is related to a lot of factors.

Thyroid cancer is one of the most mild type in all cancers. After surgery, the patients are like normal people, in general. But it also varies from person to person, there are some patients, whose surgery may last a few months or one or two years, etc., and there might be metastasis or recurrence, etc..

With different illness situations of each person, and different choices of the treatments , the survival time is also different, no matter which kind of treatment plan is taken, we should maintain the optimistic attitude to treat the disease.

It is a critical period after 5 years of hyroid cancer surgery, the disease is the most prone to recurrence or metastasis during this period. The places of recurrence hide in the distal part of the tumor or on the neck. Due to the fact that most patients have no subjective symptoms during the early days of postoperative recurrence of  thyroid cancer , once there are symptoms of  hoarse voice, choking cough, shortness of breath, inhibited swallowing , hemoptysis or joint pain and other symptoms, and it is often an indication that the cancer recurrence has developed to a certain degree. Hence, after surgery, patients should go to the hospital regularly to accept the inspection, generally once every three months or half a year in two years ,and then  once every six months or a year.

For the treatment to patients with thyroid cancer, it can not just rely on surgery, surgical treatment can only play a role in part of the body, in order to control the overall regulation of patients with thyroid cancer ,traditional Chinese medicine treatment should also be used.

In general, a lot of patients with thyroid cancer are relatively weak after the surgery. The use of traditional Chinese medicine to regulate can not only play a role in the consolidation of the body, but also play a role in containing cancer cells in the body of patients with cancer, so as to reduce the possibility of recurrence.

The survival rate of the patients after operation was related to the postoperative diet of thyroid cancer, relying on treatment can only play a part of the role, the diet is also a part of the treatment. Only from all details can the overall situation of the patients be promoted. 1, Patients should eat more foods with high iodine content, such as kelp, laver, hair weeds, mussels, dried scallops , razor clams, jellyfish, sea cucumber, lobster, hairtail, mackerel, fish maw, bloody clam, clams, and soft shelled turtle. 2. Keep a balanced diet, eating more high protein, low-fat, low sugar, high vitamin foods, from having many meals but little food in a day to having a quantitative meal at regular time. Moreover, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and kelp, and laver etc. 3, Patients should eat more food with effect of elimination of swelling, including water chestnut, taro, rape, leaf mustard, and kiwi fruit.

Therefore, a large part of the reason for the survival of  patients with thyroid cancer is holding in their own hands, one of which is choosing the appropriate treatment , and the other one is the good nursing after the surgery , only from the perspective of multi angles ,postoperative thyroid cancer surgery can go further.

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